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2021 NFL MVP Odds for the Top 25 Players

Max Staley
Apr 18, 2021, 1:24 PM EDT
2021 NFL MVP odds for the top-25 players by the odds.
2021 NFL MVP odds for the top-25 players by the odds. | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

One of the most common NFL preseason past times is speculating about who will win the MVP award that upcoming xeason. One of the best ways to get a feel for the race is by taking a look at the betting odds. They tell you a lot about the perception in Vegas, and as we know, Vegas gets it right most of the time. Otherwise they wouldn't be in business.

With that in mind, here's a look at the top-25 players in the odds to win the 2021 NFL MVP award, according to WynnBET.

2021 NFL MVP Odds

Patrick Mahomes MVP Odds

Patrick Mahomes Odds to Win MVP: (+475)

Aaron Rodgers MVP Odds

Aaron Rodgers Odds to Win MVP: (+600)

Josh Allen MVP Odds

Josh Allen Odds to Win MVP: (+900)

Matthew Stafford MVP Odds

Matthew Stafford Odds to Win MVP: (+1000)

Tom Brady MVP Odds

Tom Brady Odds to Win MVP: (+1000)

Dak Prescott MVP Odds

Dak Prescott Odds to Win MVP: (+1100)

Lamar Jackson MVP Odds

Lamar Jackson Odds to Win MVP: (+1100)

Kyler Murray MVP Odds

Kyler Murray Odds to Win MVP: (+1300)

Russell Wilson MVP Odds

Russell Wilson Odds to Win MVP: (+1300)

Justin Herbert MVP Odds

Justin Herbert Odds to Win MVP: (+1500)

Ryan Tannehill MVP Odds

Ryan Tannehill Odds to Win MVP: (+1500)

Carson Wentz MVP Odds

Carson Wentz Odds to Win MVP: (+2000)

Deshaun Watson MVP Odds

Deshaun Watson Odds to Win MVP: (+2000)

Derrick Henry MVP Odds

Derrick Henry Odds to Win MVP: (+2000)

Christian McCaffrey MVP Odds

Christian McCaffrey Odds to Win MVP: (+2000)

Baker Mayfield MVP Odds

Baker Mayfield Odds to Win MVP: (+2500)

Joe Burrow MVP Odds

Joe Burrow Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Derek Carr MVP Odds

Derek Carr Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Kirk Cousins MVP Odds

Kirk Cousins Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Cam Newton MVP Odds

Cam Newton Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Tua Tagovailoa MVP Odds

Tua Tagovailoa Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Jameis Winston MVP Odds

Jameis Winston Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Davante Adams MVP Odds

Davante Adams Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Cam Akers MVP Odds

Cam Akers Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

Alvin Kamara MVP Odds

Alvin Kamara Odds to Win MVP: (+3000)

As one would expect, the list is very QB heavy. Considering only one non-quarterback has won the award since the 2007 season, that's no surprise. Matt Stafford having the same MVP odds as Tom Brady is a bit of a shocker consdering he'll be in a new system next year, but with the talent the Rams have, he could be in for a monster season.

Derrick Henry and Christian McCaffrey are the first non-quarterbacks on the list and fellow running back Alvin Kamara wraps it up with +3000 odds to win MVP. Packers WR Davante Adams is the only other position player to make the list.